MSHJ is 65 years!

Tatyana kazennova, Deputy editor-in-chief of the International agricultural journal (since 1982), winner of the Stolypin national award “agrarian elite of Russia»

Alexander Fomin, Professor of land management at the State University, editor-in-chief of the International agricultural journal»

In 2022, it was 65 years since the publication of the first issue of our magazine!
The decision to organize the International agricultural journal was made by the heads of government of the member countries of the Council for mutual economic assistance (COMECON) in may 1956.
The magazine was launched by 8 COMECON member countries-Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, GDR, Poland, Romania, USSR. Each of these countries had national editorial offices that published the magazine in their own language. The national editorial offices were headed by leading agricultural scientists with vast scientific and practical experience in the field of Economics, agro-industrial production, international cooperation in the agro-industrial complex, and a deep understanding of the tasks of information work.
The main editorial office served as the Secretariat of the international editorial Board and coordinator of the work of national editorial offices. From 1957 to 1961, the main editorial office was located in Sofia (Bulgaria), and from 1962 – in Moscow (at the COMECON headquarters).
In an address to readers in the very first issue of the “International agricultural journal” – No. 1 for 1957-the editorial Board wrote:
“The purpose of the magazine is to promote a comprehensive and rapid exchange of scientific achievements and best practices in agriculture in different countries.
Articles, materials and reports on theoretical research, scientific generalizations and new methods of work in various branches of agricultural production will occupy a large place on the pages of the journal.
The journal will contain articles on the economy and organization of agriculture, especially on the organization and productivity of labor. The experience and activities of various forms of cooperatives will be widely covered. Much attention is expected to be paid to methods of intensification of agriculture and animal husbandry, measures to increase crop yields, the most rational methods of using mineral fertilizers and other methods of agricultural chemization. The magazine will cover the storage, primary processing and transportation of agricultural products.
In the field of animal husbandry, the magazine will widely cover practical experience and scientifically based proposals that ensure increased productivity and improved quality of animal products.”
After the COMECON was discontinued in 1991 and due to radical changes in the Eastern European States and other countries, all national editorial offices of the International agricultural journal, except for the Russian one, were disbanded.
The Russian edition of the magazine, despite numerous difficulties and obstacles, the difficulties of the transition period and cardinal reforms in the country, was able to be preserved, thanks to the efforts of the members of the Russian editorial Board and the editorial staff.
For 60 years, the international agricultural journal has come a long and difficult way. The anniversary is not only a holiday, but also a summing up, analysis of the passed path, and determination of prospects for further development.
Recognition of the status of our magazine was the inclusion of its Russian book chamber in the list of mandatory analytical paintings in the State bibliographic index (GBU).
Since 2014, the editorial Board has formed a new development strategy. A bet was made on the scientific and practical development of activities and active involvement of effective agricultural businesses in cooperation. Special issues of the magazine began to be practiced, where the main topics of the issue are devoted to important events in agriculture(exhibitions, conferences), as well as to individual areas of activity(livestock, agricultural machinery, fertilizer production, food industry, etc.). Our magazine is a permanent partner of the P. A. national award. Stolypina “agrarian elite of Russia” and co-organizer of many scientific and practical conferences and forums. “International agricultural journal” is distributed at exhibitions and scientific conferences, various agricultural forums. You can subscribe to our magazine at any post office of the Russian Federation and other CIS countries using Rospechat catalogues-subscription index 70533.
Our magazine is actively developing its activities to promote scientific achievements in agricultural science. The international agricultural journal is included in the new “List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications that should publish the main scientific results of dissertations for doctor’s and candidate’s degrees”, approved by the Presidium of the HAC of the Ministry of education and science of Russia in December 2015. The USDA is included in the database of the international information system on agricultural science and technology AGRIS of the UN FAO and in the system of the Russian science citation index (RSCI).
The USDA is actively involved in various systems of open access to scientific knowledge, including Open Access. Since 2016, the journal has published full texts of articles in the Cyberlenink scientific electronic library. In just a few months of cooperation, our magazine has more than 6 thousand new readers. The impact factor of the RSCI magazine is constantly growing. According to various science INDEX ratings on the subject of “Agriculture and forestry”, our magazine is consistently ranked in the top 20.
The magazine’s ranking in the SCIENCE INDEX is constantly growing :
2008: 0.604; 2010: 0.370; 2014: 1.425; 2015: 2,121. This is an absolute merit of our authors of scientific articles!
Since 2014, the editorial Board of the International agricultural journal has decided to develop its publishing activities. In addition to our traditional magazine, the Moscow economic journal and the international journal of applied science and technology, Integral, are published by the Autonomous non-profit organization of the editorial Board of the Ministry of AGRICULTURE. Both journals are included in the Russian science citation index(RSCI), and the Moscow economic journal is also included in the new list of the HAC. Publishing house ANO “MSHI” plans to launch several projects, including student research journal.
Congratulations on the anniversary of all our partners, authors, subscribers!
Together with You, we create a common space for integrating the latest achievements of agricultural science and efficient agricultural production! slot gacorlink slot gacor