“International agricultural journal” was originally conceived as a magazine published in several countries and in several languages. The decision to hold was made by the heads of government of member countries of the Council for mutual economic assistance (CMEA) in may 1956.
The magazine began to publish the 8 member countries of the CMEA, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, GDR, Poland, Romania, USSR, Czechoslovakia. Then, the magazine has included representatives not only of the European countries including Mongolia and Cuba. In each of these countries operates a national publication, which publishes the journal in their own language.
In an address to the readers in the very first issue of “International agricultural journal” – № 1, 1957, the editors wrote: “the purpose of the journal is to promote the comprehensive and rapid exchange of scientific achievements and advanced experience in agriculture of different countries”.
After the termination in 1991 of the work of the CMEA in connection with the radical changes in Eastern Europe and in other countries, all the national edition of the “International agricultural journal”, except Russia, has been disbanded, but the tradition of international cooperation is not only preserved, but expanded .

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