Dear colleagues, advertisers!
The editorial Board of “International agricultural journal” sees You primarily partners and investors.
Together with You we create a common space for the integration of the latest achievements of agricultural science and effective agricultural production!
In connection with the 60th anniversary of our magazine we offer to our regular partners 50% discount on all services. As you know, the most important reason why people prefer one company over another is trust.
The basis for such confidence, and creates advertising in our magazine.
Our journal is published since 1957, and, indeed, preserves the international status all these years.
The journal is included in international and Russian citation indices. Trust, of course, will not always be based on magazine advertising, but we can say that she plays one of the most significant roles.
Advertising in the magazine creates a very plausible picture, and it is equivalent in this case to the trust.
If people feel that the magazine is reliable and can be trusted, then the same feeling will be extended to companies that publish their ads.
Advertising in the magazine actively influences the conscious and unconscious part of the psyche of the recipient.
In addition, the magazine is much easier in comparison with other advertising media to “aim” to potential customers. This is ensured by several factors:

-first, the presence of thematic sections, which enables to determine which of them will prefer one or the other group of consumers;

-second, broader possibilities for the use of the technical capabilities, quality images, color,

-third, more magazines than any other advertising medium, suitable for long, meaningful texts.

The fact that the readers of our magazines strive to get important information for their business. Accepted for publication, appropriate scientific areas of the journal articles that include research results, practical (innovative) development, ready for use and is a topical (demand) at the present stage of scientific development, or strategic interest.
We offer You and Your staff to become permanent authors of the magazine, articles about scientific and industrial achievements and new technologies will certainly be a good “hidden” advertising. In addition, the editors offer traditional forms of advertising.
Due to the fact that the recipients of our magazine are owners and top managers of successful enterprises, government bodies of different levels, scientific and educational institutions, specialized libraries, members of the largest agricultural exhibitions and conferences, the number of our regular readers, as shown by the polls, more than 25 thousand, and is interested and attentive readers.

In addition, MSHG began practicing special editions, which are the main topics of this issue are devoted to the important events in agriculture(exhibitions, conferences) and individual fields of activity( farming, agricultural machinery, fertilizer production, food industry, etc.).

Our magazine is a permanent partner of the national prize named after P. A. Stolypin “agrarian elite of Russia” and co-organizer of many scientific conferences and forums.

The editorial Board is interested in a strategic partnership, we will answer all questions and will send at Your request our mutually beneficial proposal.

Chief editor, Professor Alexander Fomin , +7(985)983-41-64;